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A few words about kennel...

Kennel name comes from the French.
"Le Corne Royale" means - THE ROYAL HORN.


In the tradition and ethics of hunting is an indispensable part of 

signalling trumpet (in dialect hunting - horn), a brass instrument

devoid of valves.


For centuries signals hunting is an integral part of collective hunting.

In addition to the use of purely ornamental, suitable hunting a unique

atmosphere, hunting signals are used to communicate game hunters.
According to historical sources,

the birthplace of hunting music is France. In Poland, it probably dates back to the eighteenth century.

In an official set of signal hunting is a notation 29 signals.

Name, name, but in our kennel dogs are the most important. They are our friends, hunting companions and family members.

Each litter born in our kennel is carefully thought out. Future parents of puppies are always working dogs, with outstanding appearance and they are tested for dysplasia.


A female that expects puppies in our kennel is always under the control of the best veterinarians in in our region of Poland.

All dogs in our kennel are fed with high-quality food from the Swedish brand Husse.

They also undergo checkups every six months to monitor their health in order to keep them in the best possible condition.


Dogs from our kennel live in many countries, where they work intensively, securing foreign exchange hunting and not only, they are shown at dog shows gaining the highest marks and pass their genes to future generations.

We have constant contact with their owners and each photo or video sent by them with the participation of their pupils makes us proud of what we do...

In kennel I want to build on some excellent exterier and working dogs and don't do it "puppy factories".


Kennel is registered in the Polish Kennel Club branch Sopot and the FCI.
We don't sell puppies without pedigree!
Always happy to help and answer all your questions.
We assist in training the dog and handling at dog shows.
I also invite you to my Facebook profile where there is still more photos and other curiosities.


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Aleksandra Giz-Okonska

Veterinarian Technik

Cynological Instructor

Member of Cynological Commission of Polish Hunting Club

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